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Wednesday 10, July 2024
This blog post discusses how to enable SSL and client authentication in Tomcat 9.

Sunday 07, July 2024
This blog post discusses collecting process level CPU and memory statistics.

Thursday 04, April 2024
In this blog post we will be setting up a 2 node Elastic Search cluster on a Windows 10 or 11 machine using HyperV. We will be running two Ubuntu servers, installing Elastic Search on both and creating a cluster.

Saturday 07, October 2023
This blog post discusses installing and configuring Elastic Search 8.x and Kibana on RedHat Linux or Amazon Linux.

Tuesday 12, September 2023
This blogpost discusses how to create a Linux service using DotNet Core (6) and how to implement a clean shutdown routine.

Tuesday 15, August 2023
This post discusses how a copy of a Git repository can be created and maintained.

Thursday 25, May 2023
This post discusses how to enable SSL and client authentication in a Spring boot application.

Wednesday 22, March 2023
Protecting your services using some sort of authentication and/or authorization is now an old concept. This post discusses on how we can use KeyCloak to act as an identity provider (IDP) and how services can work with KeyCloak to ensure only authorized users are able to access their APIs.

Sunday 25, December 2022
QAAC is a command line AAC/ALAC encoder frontend based on Apple encoder. QAAC can convert WAV files into Apple (iTunes, iPhones and others) compatible formats both lossy and lossless.

Sunday 20, November 2022
Your earphone impacts your listening experience more than any other component. This makes having a good pair extremely important if you're serious about your music. I'll be reviewing four budget earphones in this blog-post.

Monday 08, August 2022
Yesterday a team-member asked me what I think is the best way to call two REST APIs in parallel

Monday 06, June 2022
If your Kubernetes cluster has suddenly stopped working, it might be because of expired certificates.

Sunday 15, May 2022
Well, page 21 of Better Photo Basics by Jim Miotke has the answer.

Saturday 23, April 2022
A utility which creates a high level html report of all VeraCode projects

Sunday 10, April 2022
So you've decided to use AWS lambdas for your application. Lambdas have great integration with...

Saturday 09, April 2022
Apache Camel is a neat framework if your application requires customizable workflows, components and a wide array of input and output adapters. This post demonstrates how to use Camel with Spring and XML to define routes.

Friday 25, February 2022
A quick code sample demonstrating use of Log4J2, SLF4J and configuring Log4J using a properties file.

Saturday 12, February 2022
This blog post explains how to create a container image having an SSH server and how to SSH into it once its created.

Saturday 31, July 2021
This blog post discusses how to generate unit test code coverage using NUnit, Open Cover and Report Generator.

Sunday 18, April 2021
This blog post discusses the AWS S3 Select feature. It discusses why you might want to use it and provides Java sample to code to work with S3 select feature.

Tuesday 13, April 2021
Not all tutorials are created equal. My reviews of LinkedIn Learning videos.

Sunday 07, February 2021
This post discusses how to configure AWS CloudHSM with Nginx. It also discusses why you might want to use CloudHSM and alternatives.

Monday 25, January 2021
The blog post explores the use of AWS Secrets Manager - what problem it solves, how we store secrets using the AWS Management Console, configurations required for reading secrets and application code to read secrets.

Sunday 20, December 2020
This blog posts discusses JSON Web Tokens and how they can be used for securing your Asp.NET Core Web API application.

Sunday 13, December 2020
This blog posts demonstrates how a custom authentication scheme can be used in ASP.Net Core Web API.

Tuesday 01, December 2020
A lot of times we need to hold data files at a particular location for further processing. Data in motion is usually protected quite well these days (using HTTPS) but a lot us aren't too careful about data-at-rest. This blog post discusses the NTFS encrypted file system functionality and a couple of related APIs for storing files securely on a Windows box.

Sunday 22, November 2020
We'll look at the support for dealing with configurations available in .NET Core applications in this blog post. We'll use a console application to work with raw classes to understand what capabilities are available to us.

Friday 20, November 2020
As we all know, .NET Core follows the same strategy for compiling application into an intermediate form so that it can run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux and MacOS without recompiling the source code as Java.

Friday 13, November 2020
Typically we don't really pay much attention to objects when writing our applications.

Thursday 02, July 2020
The producer - consumer pattern is quite famous, here is a typical implementation of this pattern.

Sunday 31, May 2020
Dealing with connection pools in Java is a bit different. You need to use the correct DataSource implementation and there are quite a few! Each of these DataSource implementations behave differently.

Saturday 09, May 2020
A few simple steps and have Redis running on Windows 10

Sunday 03, May 2020
As an architect, I have a very interesting job of having to understanding challenges in existing systems in multiple dimensions and still add new functionality.

Tuesday 28, January 2020
Quickly configure a VSCode workspace to create Java programs with JUnit support

Sunday 19, January 2020
A small script to print basic database object stats

Sunday 08, December 2019
Various Visual Studio versions and the C++ redistributables

Friday 20, September 2019
A lot of us don't care. A lot of us care maybe a bit too much but coming across a nice new monospaced font does make writing code more fun.

Friday 30, August 2019
XML namespaces always confound me, not just when consuming then via SQL but also from C#.

Saturday 08, June 2019
Generate tables and table variable definitions from the output of queries and stored procedures

Monday 28, January 2019
The downside of using non-activated Windows VMs is that you can't do much with the appearance like set custom scaling for making font appear larger or even set a decent wallpaper.

Tuesday 01, January 2019
Copy Git settings when moving to a new PC or re-installing Windows

Sunday 23, December 2018
We all are learning lots of things at a tremendous pace but we don't realize that this is happening.

Monday 22, October 2018
An open source Azure Storage tool to learn all about basic Azure Storage capabilities

Sunday 30, September 2018
List resource groups in a particular subscription

Sunday 01, July 2018
Working in Linux requires one to work with the terminal a lot. IMHO creating shorthand for frequently used commands really helps a lot...

Thursday 10, May 2018
Now, what if you don't want the answer immediately? or what if the calculation takes a really long time and you don't want to sit around waiting for the result?

Tuesday 03, April 2018
Various Visual Studio versions and the C++ redistributables

Sunday 11, February 2018
It's not everyday you need to host the CLR but when do there is very little information available.

Monday 15, January 2018
Enable CORS on AWS API Gateway quickly from a DotNet core utility

Monday 20, November 2017
This post targets DotNet Core 1.0 interacting with MySQL database using EF Core.

Sunday 06, August 2017
Typically we don't really pay much attention to objects when writing our applications.

Saturday 29, July 2017
Recap localization via a simple console application

Tuesday 06, June 2017
Does Windows 10 work perfectly on a VAIO T-Series?

Saturday 13, May 2017
Often I need to either setup a project for Git or use an existing Git project locally. Here are the steps to do both.

Friday 05, May 2017
If it wasn't enough to have to go through middlemen to get a driver's license, a passport and what not, I now see the rise of a new class of middlemen - the Digital Middlemen.

Friday 21, April 2017
We (my family) usually take our cat out in the mornings and evenings. You heard that right...

Monday 20, March 2017
Till last week I believed TDD (Test Driven Development) to be at best - a fashionable way to write code and at worst

Sunday 19, February 2017
Here's a fresh set desktop wallpapers based on programming languages like JS, C++, Python, C#

Wednesday 15, February 2017
If you want to use SSH keys generated earlier on a new system, just following these steps...

Tuesday 03, January 2017
We are expecting technology to solve all problems and nothing is further from the truth...

Friday 30, December 2016
A quick introduction to Windows 2016 containers using Docker

Thursday 29, December 2016
A quick introduction to Windows 2016 containers using Docker

Tuesday 11, October 2016
It's not everyday I need to store hierarchical data in SQL tables but when I do, the usual self-join on a table works out fine.

Sunday 02, October 2016
While working with Windows containers, I've often faced an error when trying to install the Container Provider package.

Saturday 01, October 2016
Learning to develop software has become a lot harder. You may argue that programming is still the same; we still have the loops, the conditional statements, the same patterns and maybe even similar data access technologies, so why shouldn't writing a sort-of-useful data enabled application be the same as it was 10 year back?

Friday 05, February 2016
A quick overview of OData v4 - CRUD and filters.

Thursday 08, October 2015
Ever since copying a Gradle project from one computer to another I have been getting 'cannot resolve symbol String' and similar messages in IntelliJ.

Sunday 09, August 2015
Quick tutorial to get you started with writing PowerShell cmdlets including help for the cmdlet

Tuesday 10, March 2015
The next question is where are the database files stored? The string 'DataDirectory' is an AppDomain property which is read and substituted with the value set for it when connection to the database is being made...

Sunday 08, March 2015
Treat your collections well and you won't have to change them.

Saturday 28, February 2015
What is refreshing is its honesty about what we can do about these behaviors - not a thing which is true. How many days have you truly turned a new leaf?

Sunday 22, February 2015
ASP.NET MVC provides a simple and effective means to stop cross-site-request-forgery attack. However this scheme is available only for form data submissions. The purpose of this article is to create an authorization attribute which protects against cross-site request forgery for JSON like requests.

Friday 20, February 2015
Create a Windows system images easily for your tablet

Tuesday 17, February 2015
I picked up this book at Crossword stores, Pune. I was looking for a collection of short stories based on Hindu mythology but was unable to find something that I was interested in.

Monday 16, February 2015
ASP.NET MVC5 has great support for input validation. There are two main approaches, lets see how these work in this article.

Sunday 15, February 2015
One can't stop loving model binding in ASP.NET MVC. It simplifies so many things. There are some tricky areas though one of which is using checkboxes. In this post, I'll try to explain how I have used them.

Saturday 14, February 2015
As you keep making changes to the model, using the database-migration feature the database is kept up-to-date with changes in the model. Here's how you can copy Entity Framework migrations from dev environment to your production environment.

Tuesday 10, February 2015
Here is an easy way to find stored procedures containing a particular string

Saturday 07, February 2015
How to set URL rewriting in IIS

Sunday 01, February 2015
T-SQL, XQuery, XML stuff which I never remember

Sunday 01, February 2015
Return Solr compatible date-time from C#

Sunday 01, February 2015
Veritas merged with Symantec mid-2005. I joined the Veritas group in Dec 2005. Sadly did not get to experience the infamous Veritas culture...

Sunday 01, February 2015
Convert row output to column output in TSQL

Thursday 19, June 2014
To debug the android device changes will have to be made both on the Android device side as well as the Windows PC side.

Friday 17, January 2014
When I do come across an interesting bit of information, it's accompanied by a lot distracting stuff. To top it all companies like Amazon and Google seem to track my shopping list and keep peppering items from my wish list on almost all the websites.

Tuesday 16, July 2013
Most of us spend good part of our life at office interacting with various folks. Recently I've been trying to recollect moments or interactions which have made an impression on me.

Sunday 05, May 2013
ORM (object relation mapping) libraries have been around since a long time. Ever since my first job, converting relational data to classes and back has been part of everyday life.

Sunday 05, May 2013
One of the truths which must be accepted is that estimation is just that, it is an approximation. Yet teams are held at gun point to deliver on these 'approximate' timelines.

Wednesday 02, January 2013
This is the first time I am outside of India for New Year. Its really weird to see my friends and family back home sending new year greetings when its still 2012 here in the US.

Saturday 26, May 2012
I decided to try one more framework before giving up – this is when I chanced upon a relatively new framework on the block called Yii.

Saturday 26, May 2012
Here's a way to copy files around and create the destination folder structure at the same time.

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