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A command line utility to perform Base64 encoding and decoding.

  • Encode contents of a file to Base64
  • EncodDecode Base64 contents of a file
  • Support operating system: Windows 8.1 and up.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit platform support
  • Freeware

Usage help

The zip file contains the main executable encdec.exe which is capable of encrypting and decrypting files.

Help output from encdec:

Encodes and decodes base64 text from literal input or file content.
b64 -  
-d: converts base64 data present in the input file & stores decoded binary content in the output file.
-e: converts input file contents to base64 & stores encoded text in the output file.
-i: input file to encode or decode.
-o: output file where the encoded or decoded data is to be stored.
(c) Copyright 2023, Siddharth Barman
Email: sbytestream@outlook.com
WWW  : https://sbytestream.pythonanywhere.com

See help

Convert a file to Base64
b64 -e b64.exe b64.out
Convert base64 text in a file to the original file
b64 -d b64.out base64.exe

Pre-requisite software