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Hash Calculator

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Hash Calculator

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  • Calculate hashes for files or plain text.
  • Supports MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS using .NET Core 3.1 or DotNet6
  • MIT license, freeware

Usage help

hash -t "any text" -a [MD5|SHA1|SHA256|SHA384|SHA512] -o [base64|hex]
hash -f "path to a file or pattern" -a [MD5|SHA1|SHA256|SHA384|SHA512] -o [base64|hex]

-t Specifies any arbitrary text whose hash is to be computed.
-f Path to a file or file pattern whose content's hash is to be computed.
-a Specifies the hashing algorithm:
  • md5
  • sha1
  • sha256
  • sha384
  • sha512
-o Speficies the output format, this is optional. Following values are permitted:
  • base64
  • hex
Hexadecimal notation is used by default.

E.g.1 - Calculate sha1 hash of the sentence hello world:

hash -t "hello world" -a sha1
dotnet hash.dll -t "hello world" -a sha1

E.g.2 - Calculate md5 hash of license.txt:

hash -file license.txt -alg md5
dotnet hash.dll -file license.txt -alg md5

E.g.3 - Calculate SHA512 hashes of all .exe files in c:\temp:

hash -f c:\temp\*.exe -a sha512
dotnet hash.dll -f c:\temp\*.exe -a sha512

Pre-requisite software

Download and install .NET Core 3.1 or DotNet6 runtime for your operating system