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  • View, change network security protocol settings on Windows
  • Uses Registry to enable/disable network protocol settings
  • Enable, disable multiple protocols together
  • Supported protocols: SSLv2 SSLv2 SSLv3 SSLv3 TLSv10 TLSv10 TLSv11 TLSv11 TLSv12 TLSv12 DTLSv10 DTLSv10 DTLSv12 DTLSv12
  • Supports Windows versions Vista through Windows 10 and Windows 2019

Usage help

  • Download protosec.zip file, unzip it to any folder.
  • Open a command prompt window and view the help using "protosec -help"

View network security protocol setting on your computer

protosec -view


Viewing protocol settings

Enable / disable / reset protocol settings Each protocol has a client and server part, you can have different settings for each.

protosec -SSLv3Client 0 -TLSv10Client 0 -TLSv10Server 0


Disabling protocols

View protosec's help (protosec -help) to know the list of supported protocols. For each protocol the following settings are possible:

Value Meaning
0 Disable the protocol
1 Enable the protocol
2 Reset to the operating system's default

Pre-requisite software