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Technology may not help but you definitely can
Tuesday 03, January 2017   |   Post link

One of the essential things you do in office apart from work is solve problems of the World. I remember one such occasion where the topic was the sad state of Indian education. One of my friends must have genuinely believed and therefore insisted that giving an iPad to every child will solve the problem. This was at least 5 years back. Since then I've collected 3 tablets and even all the phones used in the family are almost like tablets and yet none of us are any smarter. My son spends quite some time with the tablet playing Dragon City but his grades haven't improved either.

Coming to the point which is, "we are expecting technology to solve all problems and nothing is further from the truth". It is we humans who solve problems (& we should since we create them in the first place but that's a topic for another day) using technology as a tool. Even if a particular tool (e.g. a computer) does not exist yet, we use something else e.g a book. The 'will' to solve a problem or improve something is primary and nothing stands up to this. In the context of teaching the will of the teacher to teach combined with the student's will to learn is of primary import, the tools are secondary.

'Where there is a will there is a way'. Today we are too fixated on the way and not the will.

My son's school has a website where circulars, assignments and announcements are made available to parents. It's a decent website, look wise very ordinary but it works. I can access the information at office or at home or even while on the move using my cellphone (rarely). Recently they started pushing an Android App (iPhone app also available) on to us. Now I waste 10-15 minutes trying to sign-in every time, uninstall and reinstall the app if the sign-in fails and if everything works fine, I email the assignments to myself which I then access from my laptop to take printouts.

Why? There is no benefit for me in using this app whatsoever!

I am sure there is someone sitting somewhere who "believes" in their heart that a mobile app is better than a website. This again highlights our mindless belief on new technology. Unless we move from 'belief' to 'logical research' where the focus is to solve a problem in the simplest and most effective way businesses are going to fail and one day the human race .. ok maybe that's a little drastic but still :).

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