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Didn't take too long to port my ASP.NET website to Python. I must say working with Python Flask has been great fun which I'll have to write about this sometime soon. A great web framework needs an equally great hosting provider - I am using PythonAnywhere. I haven't faced any issue with setting up the website with them. If you like python and are thinking of hosting for free, PythonAnywhere is the first place to check.


Assembly Properties

Assembly Properties

Integrates with Windows Explorer and lets you view .NET assembly information in a new tab of file properties. Also allows you to register and unregister assemblies for skipping strong-name verification.

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Npp Tail

Npp Tail

A plugin for Notepad++ that automatically scrolls the text to show updated file contents.

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A lot of times we need to hold data files at a particular location for further processing. Data in motion is usually protected quite well these days (using HTTPS) but a lot us aren't too careful about data-at-rest. This blog post discusses the NTFS encrypted file system functionality and a couple of related APIs for storing files securely on a Windows box.

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We'll look at the support for dealing with configurations available in .NET Core applications in this blog post. We'll use a console application to work with raw classes to understand what capabilities are available to us.