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2021 is almost over and what a year its been...
Happy New Year in advance to everyone!
Long live Python, long live Flask and long live Python Anywhere.

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blog-icon Renewing certificates in a Kubernetes cluster

If your Kubernetes cluster has suddenly stopped working, it might be because of expired certificates.

blog-icon Finding inspiration

Well, page 21 of Better Photo Basics by Jim Miotke has the answer.

blog-icon VeraCode Project Status

A utility which creates a high level html report of all VeraCode projects

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So you've decided to use AWS lambdas for your application. Lambdas have great integration with...

blog-icon Using Apache Camel with Spring to insert data into Elastic Search

Apache Camel is a neat framework if your application requires customizable workflows, components and a wide array of input and output adapters. This post demonstrates how to use Camel with Spring and XML to define routes.