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2021 is almost over and what a year its been...
Happy New Year in advance to everyone!
Long live Python, long live Flask and long live Python Anywhere.

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blog-icon Code Coverage for NUnit

This blog post discusses how to generate unit test code coverage using NUnit, Open Cover and Report Generator.

blog-icon S3 Select, a nifty thing

This blog post discusses the AWS S3 Select feature. It discusses why you might want to use it and provides Java sample to code to work with S3 select feature.

blog-icon Reviews of LinkedIn Learning Videos

Not all tutorials are created equal. My reviews of LinkedIn Learning videos.

blog-icon Using AWS CloudHSM

This post discusses how to configure AWS CloudHSM with Nginx. It also discusses why you might want to use CloudHSM and alternatives.

blog-icon AWS Secrets Manager

The blog post explores the use of AWS Secrets Manager - what problem it solves, how we store secrets using the AWS Management Console, configurations required for reading secrets and application code to read secrets.