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Welcome to SByteStream - here you'll find useful tools, code snippets, blog posts talking about programming and other stuff. Hope you'll find something useful here.

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blog-icon Installing and running ElasticSearch 8.x on Linux (RHEL or Amazon Linux)

This blog post discusses installing and configuring Elastic Search 8.x and Kibana on RedHat Linux or Amazon Linux.

blog-icon Writing a Linux service in DotNetCore

This blogpost discusses how to create a Linux service using DotNet Core (6) and how to implement a clean shutdown routine.

blog-icon Mirror your Git repository

This post discusses how a copy of a Git repository can be created and maintained.

blog-icon Spring boot with mutual TLS authentication

This post discusses how to enable SSL and client authentication in a Spring boot application.

blog-icon Protecting APIs with JWT using KeyCloak

Protecting your services using some sort of authentication and/or authorization is now an old concept. This post discusses on how we can use KeyCloak to act as an identity provider (IDP) and how services can work with KeyCloak to ensure only authorized users are able to access their APIs.